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Autodesk LIVE

Create stunning interactive visualizations

Revit Live. Solutions to bring your designs to life.

Step inside your design. With a single click, the Autodesk® Revit Live service transforms Revit models into interactive visualizations that you can present, or share with others to explore on their own.

How it works

Fast click-to-cloud tools help bring your Revit models to life in minutes.


Start with Revit.



Upload your BIM model to the cloud in a single click.



Download and personalize your interactive visualization.



Show off your design, or let clients explore it on their own.


Tools to tell your story
  • Let clients feel the space exactly as you envision it.
  • Use fast click-to-cloud tools to help make designs interactive.
  • Create and customize expressive visualizations yourself.

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Experience Revit models in virtual reality (VR) with just two clicks.