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Collaboration for Revit Webinar on Demand

Work seamlessly across the project anywhere!

Autodesk® Collaboration for Revit® is a Cloud Subscription service that works with Revit® software to connect building project teams with centralised access to BIM project data in the cloud.

Access the webinar on demand & see how C4R works alongside Autodesk BIM 360 Team to empower your entire team to collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Newman Architects move BIM to the cloud with Collaboration for Revit

Full service architectural and planning firm Newman Architects uses Collaboration for Revit to give project teams centralised access to Revit project files in the cloud.

“Seamless information sharing between joint ventures and project partners is the future of doing business. And Collaboration for Revit gives us that future…today.”

—Leo Gonzales, Architect and BIM Manager, Newman Architects

Get Rid of Fragmented Workflows Once and For All with: 

  • Cloud worksharing - Multiple users can co-author Revit models working together on a model stored within a project in the cloud.
  • Communicator chat tool - Communicate with project team members while working within Revit project models.
  • BIM 360 Team integration - Provide centralised access to Revit models and project data to all team members via a cloud-based platform.
  • Manage models and users - Access and manage models in a BIM 360 Team project from within Revit.