BIM Advice & Consultancy Services

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BIM Advice & Consultancy Services

Is your company unsure on BIM and what impact it will have to your business?

For the past 9 years Pentagon BIM Consultants have been presenting and implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions in the UK & Ireland. Many other consultantscpd--og--image.png simply organise discussion groups on how BIM should be implemented with no real world experience behind them or simply write documents that their clients don’t understand, rather than implement a working solution in conjunction with you.

At Pentagon our BIM adoption plans involve you as a client, so we need to understand your business first. Our goal on BIM Consultancy is to simply shorten the cycle time it takes to be BIM ready in context to your organisation and projects. Cutting and pasting in protocols\references for project delivery is simply not acceptable now, in the real world scenario and will result in BIM projects failing at the first hurdle.

Pentagon engage with all internally impacted stakeholders to successfully ensure a clear and concise BIM adoption strategy. BIM has to be driven from Directors\Company Owners first and then radiated out to all key staff.  

Our expert team can assist your company in acting now to:

  • Adopt BIM Level 2 work practices within your organisation
  • Develop training for your staff in the use of BIM authoring software
  • Implement the methodology for delivery of projects to BIM Level 2 maturity in accordance with the Publicly Available Specifications (PAS)1192 series
  • Promote collaborative working practices within your design and supply teams via a Common Data Environment (CDE)
See our BIM road map for our full repertoire of BIM Workshops in the UK & Ireland.